How To Get Recruited For Rowing

How To Get Recruited For Rowing


Rowing is a highly competitive sport, and if you are passionate about rowing and aspire to compete at the collegiate level, getting recruited can significantly enhance your chances. This article will guide you through the process of getting recruited for rowing and provide valuable tips to help you stand out to college coaches.

Start Early and Research

Begin your recruiting journey early by researching colleges with strong rowing programs. Look for schools that match your academic and athletic goals. Make a list of potential colleges and gather information about their rowing teams, coaches, recent results, and admissions requirements.

Attend Rowing Camps and Showcases

Rowing camps and showcases provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to college coaches. Attend reputable camps and showcases where college coaches actively recruit. Participating in these events allows you to receive expert coaching, improve your technique, and gain exposure to college coaches.

Create a Highlight Video

A well-crafted highlight video can make a strong impression on college coaches. Include footage of your races, practice sessions, and ergometer tests. Highlight your technique, power, and endurance. Make sure the video is of high-quality, and consider adding a personal statement to introduce yourself and your goals.

Reach Out to College Coaches

Once you have identified schools that interest you, reach out to the rowing coaches. Send personalized emails expressing your interest in their program and attach your highlight video, rowing resume, and academic transcripts. Be proactive and follow up with coaches to demonstrate your dedication and enthusiasm.

Visit Colleges and Attend Recruitment Events

Visiting colleges and attending recruitment events allows you to meet coaches, tour the campuses, and experience the rowing environment firsthand. Schedule official visits with the colleges you are most interested in and make a positive impression on the coaches during these visits. Attend recruitment events such as college rowing regattas to showcase your skills.

Maintain Good Grades and Test Scores

Athletic talent alone is not enough to get recruited for rowing. College coaches also consider academic performance. Maintain good grades and aim for high standardized test scores. Academic success demonstrates your ability to balance the demands of rowing and academics, making you an attractive recruit to college coaches.

Build Relationships with Coaches

Building strong relationships with college coaches can significantly increase your chances of getting recruited. Keep in touch with coaches regularly, update them on your progress, and ask for their guidance. Attend college rowing camps hosted by your target schools to establish personal connections with the coaches.


Getting recruited for rowing requires dedication, perseverance, and strategic planning. By starting early, attending rowing camps, creating a standout highlight video, reaching out to coaches, visiting colleges, maintaining good grades, and building relationships, you can increase your chances of catching the attention of college rowing programs. Good luck in your recruiting journey and never stop pursuing your rowing dreams!

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