Who Owns Rowing Blazers

Who Owns Rowing Blazers?


Rowing Blazers is a popular clothing brand known for its distinctive and stylish take on traditional rowing attire. The brand has gained a significant following among both rowing enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals. However, when it comes to who owns Rowing Blazers, there is some confusion. In this article, we will delve into the ownership of this renowned brand.

Ownership Background

Rowing Blazers was founded by Jack Carlson in 2017. Carlson, a former member of the US national rowing team, combined his passion for rowing and fashion to create a unique clothing line that celebrates the sport’s heritage. His vision was to create clothing that would appeal to both rowers and non-rowers alike.

Jack Carlson

As the founder of Rowing Blazers, Jack Carlson initially owned the brand. His expertise in rowing and his keen sense of style played a crucial role in the brand’s success. Carlson’s dedication to preserving the history and traditions of rowing while infusing a modern twist garnered attention from fashion influencers and athletes alike.

Investment and Partnerships

In 2019, Rowing Blazers announced a partnership with the renowned luxury fashion brand, Polo Ralph Lauren. This collaboration brought significant exposure and resources to Rowing Blazers, further propelling its growth and popularity. The partnership allowed Rowing Blazers to tap into Polo Ralph Lauren’s extensive network and expertise in the fashion industry.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren, a global fashion powerhouse, has a long history of successful collaborations and investments in emerging brands. The partnership with Rowing Blazers was seen as a strategic move by Polo Ralph Lauren to diversify its brand portfolio and tap into the growing market of niche sport-inspired fashion.


While Jack Carlson is the founder of Rowing Blazers and played a significant role in its early success, the brand’s ownership has evolved with the partnership between Rowing Blazers and Polo Ralph Lauren. This collaboration has allowed Rowing Blazers to expand its reach and continue delivering high-quality and stylish clothing to its loyal customer base. With the backing of Polo Ralph Lauren, Rowing Blazers is poised for further growth and success in the world of fashion and athletics.

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